Tech trends that may affect your brand in 2017

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It is important for every brand to keep an eye on new technologies and trends on the tech world that bring changes in the environment they are placed. In the digital era, any company that fails to do that will most likely not survive among its competitors.
So, with the beginning of a new year, it is essential to predict tech trends that would possibly influence your brand strategy. So here are a few leanings that the course of technology will take in the following months.

Even more Chatbots

These “conversational agents” gained popularity with the introduction of Siri – the Apple chatbot – and, most recently, Cortana (Windows 10), Alexa (Amazon) and Watson (IBM).

This trend should keep growing in the following months with other types of companies adopting this strategy to revolutionize their customer experience. It’s important for companies to remember that these virtual concierges should be consistent with the brand.

Physical and Digital worlds collide

Another relevant trend for this year concerns the merge between the virtual and the real world. A recent example of what’s been called phygital world was the game Pokemon Go, that became a phenomenon by adding virtual creatures to the real world through the camera of your phone.

This trend can be really useful for fashion brands that want to show how their product would fit an individual, enhancing this way greatly the m-commerce.

VR and AR

Virtual and Augmented reality have been growing a little bit every year, being adopted by different kinds of companies and implemented with different goals. At its early stage, this trend was almost exclusively focused on the gaming development and 360 videos.

This year it is predicted that VR and AR will begin to be adopted by B2B focused brands. The use of this technology can help these companies to visualize processes and deliverables in a better way.

Internet of Things

The internet of things (IoT) is another trend that keeps growing and getting more influential among brands. With a lot of devices connected with each other through the cloud, it is profitable for companies to create new devices that can be integrated.

It is also a time when developers are looking to create a unified operational system for the cloud that could centralize the Internet of Things.

Considering all these trends it is undeniable that brands that want to survive in the digital era, must adapt all these new technologies. That’s why agile brands will be the best ones to fit in this changing environment.
If you feel ready for this step ahead, challenge us to help you achieving it.

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