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Impactful Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns, informed by data and driven by creativity.
Noir specialises in Facebook and Instagram advertising which grows businesses. It’s all we do, and it’s why we’re the best. By understanding your business, goals and objectives, we can deliver the most effective advertising for the best ROI. Unrivalled in our targeting, personalisation and cross-device capabilities, Facebook and Instagram advertising should play a key role in your marketing.
Targeting – We can get your business in front of your customers and prospects thanks to advanced targeting techniques. Audience – With more than 1bn people using Facebook daily, it’s pretty much guaranteed that your audience is on there. The Facebook family – By advertising through Facebook, we can also target people on Instagram to maximise your ROI. ROI – Facebook and Instagram deliver some of the best return on investment of all available marketing channels. Attention – People are spending more time on Facebook than any other platform, and this is a real opportunity for your business. Scale – The size and data available on Facebook and Instagram mean volume of traffic is not an issue, and there is always a business opportunity.
We work with SMEs and large corporations. Whether you’re getting started, want to grow results or want to expand, we can help you. We’re getting started – If you’re new to Facebook and Instagram advertising or have run a few ads and want help with setup, strategy, campaign optimisation, and producing positive ROI, speak to our team. We want to grow results – If you’re using advertising but need help with day-to-day management services and want to increase ROI while growing results. We want to scale and expand – If your company is using advertising but you want an agency to take it to the next level and maximise results through advanced optimisation.
Discovery and research – We take the time to understand your business and USPs, objectives and audience, and research your competitors, to identify the best marketing opportunities. Strategy – We develop a robust advertising strategy for great ROI that meets and exceeds your expectations. Remarketing – We setup and optimise website remarketing adverts to maximise results from existing and new traffic. Audience targeting – By using your existing data such as email subscribers, website traffic and Facebook’s advanced targeting, we serve your ads to the most relevant people.
Creative – Don’t allow poor creative to let down your campaign, let us provide you with high quality imagery, video and copy that stands out from the crowd. Tracking and analytics – We ensure the proper implementation of the Facebook pixel, tracking and analytics for the most accurate data. Monitor, test and optimise – We provide ongoing monitoring, analysis and optimisation of campaigns, and continue testing different audiences, creatives and ad placements. Grow and scale – Our expertise and experience enables us to grow and scale ad accounts, utilise a funnel process and take advantage of new opportunities.