Meet Phil, our Head of Paid - Noir Agency

Meet Phil, our Head of Paid

Phil Walsh, our Head of Paid, combines his creative instincts and in-depth understanding of targeted display advertising to maximise the visibility of the work we produce for our clients.  Here he is, explaining why everyone can get excited about paid social.

Introduce yourself.

My name’s Phil, and I’m the Head of Paid at Noir. It’s my job to make sure our clients’ budgets are being used as efficiently as possible across all PPC and paid social campaigns, putting our creative team’s hard work in front of the right audiences.

What’s your background?

After completing a Business Studies degree in Manchester, I started out in the industry as a PPC executive. Since then, I’ve had over 8 years’ experience in paid media, working across a variety of in-house and agency roles until settling at Noir.

Explain to a non-paid media specialist why you love what you do.  

Well, PPC and paid social might not sound glamorous, but the results often are. Executed effectively, a paid media campaign can bring tangible, exciting results to businesses. For example, we work with a supplier of gym equipment. With our help, they reached the right people and ended up rolling out their gear across all of Virgin Active’s gyms. When you can deliver results like that for a client you really believe in, it’s a pretty special feeling.

Would you describe what you do as creative?

Paid social definitely rewards creativity. Because you’re interacting with audiences in a social context, you have to consider the emotional draw of the message you’re pushing. So once I’ve analysed the data and reached the right people, it becomes a creative challenge to capture their attention with the right words and images. When gaining the creative edge can squeeze even better results from the spend, it’s definitely a challenge worth embracing.

A specialist with your level of experience could work anywhere. So why Noir?

I’m obsessed with optimisation, and being part of a small team as tight-knit as Noir makes it possible for me to work closely with the creatives on campaigns to make sure all of the assets are on message from start to finish. In other words, Noir offers me a level of control that simply isn’t possible in larger teams. Not only that, but there’s a culture of honesty and openness here that’s really refreshing. We’re friends first and colleagues second, so feedback is never taken personally and changes are really easy to implement.  As a result, you can really feel your input becoming part of the agency’s DNA.

Finally, what do you get up to when you’re not optimising paid media campaigns?

By necessity, my work leads me to spend a lot of time looking at numbers and graphs on a screen, so I try to get outside and stay active whenever I can. I love hiking in the Lake District, and I’m a firm believer that no trek is complete without a pint of real ale in a country pub. Does that make me sound a bit old? Maybe say I love free solo mountain climbing instead.

Duly noted Phil. Thanks for the chat.

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