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We are a Noir, a branding and design agency that creates change for brands of the future.

We work with ambitious companies to help solve some of the most important creative challenges faced today.

Our Approach

We start by immersing ourselves into your world, in the business, the brand, the culture to get authentic transformational insights that create the foundation of defining a brand strategy.

  • Primary & Secondary Research
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Customer/Non Customer Insights
  • Industry Reports
  • Brand Audit
  • Competitive Audit
  • Market Research

    Each project begins with both Qualitative and Quantitative Research. We will use a mixture of evaluation tools to analyse the market, as well as the sectors in which potential competitors are operating within.

    It is vitally important that we understand the landscape, the industry as a whole as well as businesses operating in a similar space and combine this with trends and data to enable us to formulate a positioning and messaging strategy. In addition, this process ensures the brand is entirely unique within your space and ready for future growth.

    Within our research phase, we study the organisation from an outside perspective, in parallel with looking at and familiarise ourselves with your competitors and the marketplace.

    Studying the marketplace, industry trends, future predictions gives us an essential understanding and allows us to spot potential opportunities and assess risks that we will take into consideration when creating or developing your brand.

    Primary Research & Insights

    Once we have a deep and comprehensive understanding of your business, its marketplace, industry and competitors, we move to primary research. This phase is about us being able to embed ourselves within the business, understand the history and where you are going.

    By being ‘on the ground’ and becoming well acquainted with your company and people, we uncover insights and identify the main strengths to bring forth as well as any gaps/conflicts to address. Through these exercises, we become part of your team and an extension of the business, and this is how we get the best possible outcome.

    Our research will be compiled and presented in a comprehensive research document, to include: interview overview transcript, a summary of interview findings, as well as workshop findings – dependent on objectives, ranging from brand positioning, purpose, vision to target customers.

    Stakeholder Interviews

    Discuss, clarify and agree on the objectives of the project and the Discovery phase, identifying knowledge gaps (for example, better customer knowledge), commercial objectives, brand ambition, product pipeline/backlog etc.

    Stakeholders should be representative of all areas of the business – leadership, customer-facing, product development and sales/marketing. These interviews can be conducted in person or remotely via Zoom video conferencing.

    The strategy that drives the big idea.

    We work with your C-Suite, senior team, and wider team to uncover what matters most. Through active, inspiring working sessions, we work towards defining a brand strategy and point of view that is unique to you. One that doesn’t sit in a drawer, but lives and breathes through everything you do.

  • Stakeholder Workshop
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand & Digital Strategy
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Strategy Development

    The goal of creating the brand personality is forming an identity for your customers to interact with. Brand personality affects everything from the visuals we later create for the brand, to the types of customers the brand will attract and resonate with. If prospective customers enjoy interacting with the brand on a personal level, they’ll want to befriend the company, increasing overall brand loyalty and conversation.

    It is especially important for the brand to form a personality that resonates with the intended consumer.

    Defining your key values enables you to attract people who align with your overall vision, that are excited about your purpose and that have a positive impact on productivity. Values provide guidance to employees when they’re posed with difficult decisions – they know what to do and what not to do. We formulate brand value statements to use as a constant checklist moving forward.

    Brand Positioning & Messaging

    Customers are overwhelmed with choices. Positioning is a process to identify what boldly differentiates a brand in the mind of a customer and has the potential to create new openings in over-saturated, or continually changing marketplaces.

    We will work with you to uncover your ‘unique truth’, what it is that makes your brand special and incorporate this into a positioning statement to be referred to when creating the brand identity and website.

    The most successful brands speak with one unique voice, across all touchpoints, in a uniformed way and in a way that resonates with the intended customer.

    A tone of voice and messaging guide is vital for any business aiming to raise mass awareness and conversation across a range of locations and touchpoints. The guide will outline how the company and its employees communicate with each other and the outside world.

    Digital Strategy Development

    Developing a digital strategy should be a process led by brand and business strategy, not the other way round. Your digital business strategy needs to be perfectly in line with your brand strategy, and we can make sure that is exactly the case.

    Our process of developing a digital strategy all starts with a digital workshop with senior staff. In that meeting, we primarily review your Analytics dashboard to understand how your digital presence is being used currently. Then, we’ll agree on appropriate KPIs to measure the success of your digital strategy.

    With this in place, we then review your competitors. This involves looking into their digital output and websites in terms of how they appear visually, how they communicate, what campaigns they are running and what functionality they do and don’t include in their brand websites. This gives us an insight into what is digital strategy development for them and allows us to see how we can do better.

    Now we can create a comprehensive digital business strategy plan for your brand, with detailed recommendations around:

  • Website design evolution
  • Website functionality developments
  • Digital campaign ideas
  • Social media tone of voice
  • Social media posting guidelines
  • The overall tone of voice
  • These recommendations form the fundamentals of what will be your digital strategy.

    When it comes to what is digital strategy planning for your business – this is it as its core. With a plan in place, we can then work with you to execute it in the most efficient, effective way possible.

    Creating A Brand With Attitude.

    Then we prototype the brand across all kinds of touchpoints, and test the brand now and for the future. We turn this into a brand identity that is beautiful, but also full of meaning.

  • Brand Concepts
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Identity

    The first step is to tie together the overarching look and feel, often referred to as ‘art style.’ This is the visual language that makes a brand immediately recognisable. The identity system is made up of the colour palette, typography, patterns, textures, icons and imagery/photography style as well as the logo. This is what makes a brand’s visual identity, cohesive and differentiated. You should be able to cover up the brand’s logo, and this should not affect the ability for customers to recognise the brand.

    Families of colour should be developed to support a broad range of communication needs. The challenge when creating the brand identity is to conceptualise something that stands out and differentiates the company from rivals.

    Our role is to unify selected colours across all touchpoints, from the website to brand collateral; this will be provided within the brand guidelines document. In addition, we will choose a suitable group of fonts that can be used on and offline, that are legible and suit the brand’s personality. We will include usage directions for all fonts within your brand guidelines.

    Logo Design

    Brand awareness and recognition are facilitated by a visual identity that is easy to remember and instantly recognisable. This stems from the brand logo. Logos can come in an almost infinite variety of shapes and personalities, from literal to symbolic. This begins by logically deciding which form of brand-mark is the most suitable for the brand, ensuring that chosen logo design best serves the need of the brand. Initial concepts are presented, we then work with you to refine these concepts to the final logo choice.

    In today’s digital world, one static logo is no longer sufficient, the final logo design will be designed to be responsive and dynamic. Meaning you will be supplied the logo in a number of formats to work on and offline, in motion and across devices and platforms.

    Photography and videography should be integrated into every strategy – both are core components to modern day brand building; to tell stories, communicate core messages and to differentiate brands from their competition. Within the digital brand guidelines, we will include the way in which both can and should be used to represent the brand best.

    Brand Experience

    Make it, craft it, build it. We believe that your brand is a living breathing tool that needs to be built with a social first attitude. We carefully craft your brand touchpoints to drive purpose internally and externally.

  • Brand Stationery
  • Digital Guidelines
  • Social Media Templates
  • Packaging & Print
  • Email Templates
  • Video / Photography
  • Website Design & Development