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4 Major Industries Augmented by VR and AR



It is no secret that the changes brought by the digital era are making brands fight for space in new and crowded markets. New technologies are being born every second and the companies need to think of innovative way of incorporating them to their strategies, in order to stand out from the crowd.

One type of innovation that is already increasingly adopted in different markets is Virtual and Augmented Reality technology. VR represents the device that creates a whole new digital world, where the user is immersed in, while AR incorporates digital elements to the real world., here are a few ways in which the advancement of VR and AR technologies can impact brands within different markets:

With this in mind, here are a few ways in which the advancement of VR and AR technologies can impact brands within different markets:

Entertainment Industry

Virtual Reality spaces are being created more and more each day to promote movies, TV shows and specially games. So it is a great marketing tool that sets products apart from one another. Recently, brands like Live Nation Channel and Samsung are partnering up to transmit live concerts through the Next VR app.


The use of VR and AR is already revolutionizing the prototypes. Through VR experiences, companies are able to show what they are building and also present their products to the customers without the need of a physical space or physical parts. This new level of prototyping is making it easier for companies to get feedback on the product in early stages of development, which in turn creates a huge improvement in production.


Within the healthcare industry, Virtual Reality can enormously improve the service offered by professionals. One example is the use of controlled environments in therapy, helping people overcome their phobias by immersing the patients in virtual reality experiences where the doctors can actually examine patient’s reactions.

Market Research

Virtual Reality environments are also helping marketing departments to understand their audience in more clearly. According to OgilvyAction study, 39%* of purchase decisions are made moments before buying, so it is immensely helpful for marketers to understand how consumers behave in store, by reproducing this environment virtually.

It is clear that brands should be thinking about how technologies such as VR and AR can bring benefits to their companies, in order to build a strong customer experience that can make them breakthrough in the ever changing digital world.

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