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6 Industries Enhanced by Chatbots


Our whole communication with the computers has drastically changed over the years. Started by tossing switches and piling punch cards, typing on hard copy, using touchscreens to control objects on a desktop, to reaching nowadays voice-controlling every command. A fact that is proven by the increased number of Chatbots (short for chat + robot) that are developed and constantly upgraded thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

This technology has intruded in our everyday life, giving to customers a pleasant and personalized experience with a huge impact on numerous industries. Some of the most influenced are the following:


Chatbots integrated into a brands marketing strategy offer plentiful advantages. Mainly, they provide a more personal way for your brand to engage with clients. Additionally, chatbots can imitate the way people communicate in their personal chats between each other, making personalized suggestions seem more like word-of-mouth rather than advertising, according to the CEO of BetterBrand.

Health Care

The biggest power of chatbots lies in their ability to process huge amounts of data. Therefore, a patient’s single question could give the best advice, in case of any urgent medical need or even give first aid tips that need to be followed in minor health incidents. A great example is the HealthTap chatbot.


Leslie and Jill Watson are the greatest examples of ‘Digital-teachers’. The latter is a bot that helps students of the Georgia Institute of Technology to create computer programs and Leslie can help individuals improve their English knowledge. Based on their capability to interact in natural language and access vast amount of data, makes them  perfectly suitable for educational purposes.

Retail and Fashion

One of the first industries to incorporate the innovation of chatbots is the e-commerce and especially in relation to fashion items. A bot can work as a personal stylist combining information from your personal photos providing recommendations based on your appearance or just suggest outfits around a certain item you choose. The most known digital-personal-stylists are the ones created by Spring and H&M powered by Kik.

Hospitality and Travel

The ability to deliver instant information to tourists is a huge differentiation within the competitive industry of hospitality and travel. Especially, customer service can be enhanced as chatbots can be programmed to talk to customers in their local language. Travel agencies like Expedia and Skyscanner have their own bots on Facebook Messenger and Slack, while the Dutch airline KLM, introduced a chatbot that not only works as a typical help desk, but also gives to costumers important travel information, like flight status updates.

Fitness Industry

Finally, Chatbots could work perfectly as personal trainers, not only by giving guidelines of how an exercise should be executed, but also by offering health and fitness tips. An example is a start-up company FitCircle that has a bot on Facebook Messenger.

The main purpose of Chatbots is to save time on anything we do, freeing some of our valuable time. Therefore, we should keep an eye on the uprgrades that will take place alongside with Artificial Intelligence.


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