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Beliefs that will kill your brand



During our time working with brands across every industry over the last ten years, we have seen a lot of amazing results. We have also seen a lot of brands make serious mistakes. In this article, we thought we would take a different approach and warn you off some of the most common mistakes people make that can kill a brand.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, however they are the ones we feel any brand can easily learn from and make adjustments quickly.

Our branding is great… we love it.

Your brand is what people say when they don’t think you are listening. You do not dictate your brands value; all you can do is your best to guide an audience to the perception you want them to have. If you don’t consult your audience about your branding and get unbiased feedback, then all of your messages will undoubtedly be slightly off.

It is easy to fall in love with something if you look at it all day every day. If you have spent a month working on a website, perfecting every intricate design and detail, then when it comes to evaluating it you will no doubt struggle to remove the rose tinted glasses and see it how it really is. Often, it takes some hard truths from an outsider perspective to realise that actually, there is a lot you could do better, and that what works for you does not work for everyone.

Social media is the answer.

This one is not exclusive to social media, but we see it most often here. Often, a business will see that there is a lot of talk about a new technology that allows a brand new type of interaction with their audience. They know they should be on it, but they don’t have time to study the ins and outs of how it works, so they start using it half-heartedly, and do not take the time to learn how to optimise how it is used.

Often, it is better to have NO presence on this sort of platform rather than a poorly managed one. In the case of social media, a poorly managed presence can destroy brand value. If social media is something that you feel your business needs, and in most cases it is, then it is essential that you take the time to learn how to properly use it as a business tool or enlist the help of an expert.

We’ve always done things this way.

This one is the most dangerous. Complacency is the number one cause of death for all brands. As mentioned in our previous post on agile branding, brands that actively embrace change as a cornerstone of their strategy will always stay at the forefront of their respective industries. It is crucial to embrace new methods, new technologies, appreciate new trends, and move your brand forward in line with this.

If this is a phrase you hear a lot in your organization, it may be time to seriously examine the way in which your organization operates in today’s rapidly changing environment. Certainly, it’s important to build on your past successes and not simply change for the sake of change, which is a costly exercise in itself. But, never forget that, even if you don’t change, your competitors and customers may.

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