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How to Find Your Unique Brand Voice



“Nike didn’t discover the power of advertising, they discovered the power of their own voice.” Dan Wieden 

When people think of major brands such as Nike, Coca Cola or Apple it’s easy to recognise that each of these brands have different values, personality traits and gives a different feeling and this is due to the fact that every brand has its own unique voice. A brand’s voice is a reflection of its personality and way of thinking, which is clearly communicated through their messages across various channels of communication.

Why is it important to have your own voice?

Your voice is the most powerful way to express your brand identity. While it’s important to know the message you’re trying to convey, what sets you apart is how you say it. The way you express your opinion and communicate your values is how people are able to easily recognise your brand before they even see a logo or name. The key is to always be consistent across all channels and to make sure your experience is aligned with customer’s needs.

How to find your brand voice

For brands to build meaningful relationships with their customers, it’s crucial to have a consistent brand voice – as it enables the customer to psychologically connect with your brand personally gaining brand loyalty. The core stages of brand voice building aspects are: culture, community and conversation.


The most essential part of developing a brand’s voice is understanding its own culture and what it stands for. Every brand stands for something and recognising the qualities that differentiates you from the rest is what gives a brand a unique voice.


What’s more important than speaking to your community is to listen to them first and see what they have to say and what they would like to hear from your brand. Understanding what people expect from your brand comes a long way and makes it easier to deliver your message.


After understanding your brand’s culture and what your community expects from your brand comes the actual conversation. The way you communicate with the audience needs to reflect your brand’s values and personality or in other words your brand’s voice.

“Define what your brand stands for, its core values and tone of voice, and then communicate consistently in those terms.” Simon Mainwaring

Establishing a strong voice is essential for brands to build relationships with their audience as it allows them to feel a strong connection with brands that share their same values. Customers today look for someone to talk with rather than someone to talk about and this is what a memorable and consistent voice will do for your brand.


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