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Challenges That We Will Face by 2025


Time results in change, which equates to evolving trends, growth and movements. This inevitably affects socialisation, global brands and consumers. Based on these growing trends and evolving science and technology possibilities we can begin to form predictions for the future.

Below are three prominent challenges that we believe will face by 2025:

Ageing population

It’s already apparent, people are living longer. This is a direct result of developing health care and policies; people over 65 will become a wider age bracket. An ageing population means the elderly have the ability to continue their role in society, with many choosing to continue to work past retirement age and desiring to experience more than their ancestors could at their age: over 65s needs and wants are altering as ‘centenarians’ are increasing. Therefore there is a clear market for brands to begin to cater to this ageing population.


Social media growth

Social media surrounds us. Regardless of our demographic, we are succumbed by the urge to browse, use and digest social media.  Leading trend forecaster, Forrester Research Inc has predicted that “global mobile device usage is expected to reach more than 5.5 billion users by 2022″. In today’s society, social media has revolutionised many aspects of daily life: not only has it changed the way we access information, it has also broken down the barriers of communication when it comes to job role creations and consumer and brand interaction.

In order to become a leading digital brand, companies must understand how to interact with the public and their consumers whilst conveying the brand values and personality. Equally, brands must stay aware of the ever-changing landscape of social media, in pursuance of predicting social trends beyond their competitors and their audience.


Technological advancements

The 21st digital revolution has led to revolutions across various sectors, with more predicted. By 2025, we will see the emerging technologies of today, such as AI and VR be a part of everyday life.

AI intelligence is developing with the view to supporting and even replacing processes of today. Care, hospitality and retail are the sectors predicted to be impacted the most.

In the interest of staying ahead, brands need to adapt and cater to the growing market by investing in analysing growth, consumers and researching possibilities for brand extensions which will cater to new, evolving markets. They must also be prepared to challenge the existing ethics of today for a changing society of tomorrow.

These challenges and predictions are only a few of the multitude of trends predicted: revolutions will begin as digital and social changes evolve beyond prediction in cohesion with the evolution of society, inevitably breaking the moulds of today.

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