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Defining The Core Customer



Consumers are relentlessly inundated with promotional marketing content, on the street, on our phones and on our TVs. However, for brands to stand out and connect with their core customer, they need to know their customer and aim to establish a basis of loyalty between the consumer and the brand. To achieve this, brands must establish their promise, utilise data, analyse consumer insights, and continue to develop their own persona.

Brand Promise

A brand’s promise is an obligation made between the company and the consumer, and should always be upheld. The brand promise is a tangible benefit that ensures that the product or service remains desirable. Having a defined brand promise aligns a positioning, strategy, people and strengthens customer experience. Delivering on the brand promise should be consistent throughout all messaging, to ensure client and customer expectations are met and hopefully exceeded.

Tips to help achieve a successful brand promise

  • Convey a benefit which comes with connecting to the brand
  • Show why your brand is unique
  • Be authentic & credible
  • Be consistent
  • Interject personality

Utilise Data

Keep data, analyse and investigate. Brands should focus on patterns, times, dates, behaviours when purchasing etc.

A key tip from our team would be to set aside time to focus on analysing data weekly or monthly depending on service or products – it will increase customer retention and satisfaction. The analysis will help you identify customer needs, position your brand to up-sell and cross-sell more effectively, so consequently can be very profitable.


Develop a persona

An audience is created as a ‘persona’ to clarify and group individuals together by factors such as; age, gender and income. However, knowing these fundamentals won’t always bring sales – brands should look to uncover a wealth of personal information: or create an ideal persona for the customers that are been targeted.

It is always beneficial to start with a fresh perspective to fully understand his or her needs, desires, preferences, and prejudices. If brands do understand their core customers persona the company will benefit and gain retention, ultimately guiding and informing decisions for the customer as well as the team – as all sales begin as emotional decisions then rational outcomes take place.


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