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Four Key Design Trends in 2017


Not all design trends are designed to stay – some surface and fizzle away just as quick. Whereas some designs last through year to year growing with force, these four core trends will filter through all industries and transform how we creatively produce.



3-D encompasses both physical objects and computer-generated designs, revolutionising yearly with the capabilities of 3D enhancing – from 3D printing, VR applications, to full-scale 3D product applications. Virtual Reality is leading the way and building momentum for the 3D design trend with devices and programmes becoming more accessible. Brands are beginning to explore and transition between 2D and 3D.

Why do we like this trend?

3D allows designs and creativity to come to life, with virtual and reality crossing over to challenge and push designs further. This futuristic element now involved with virtual reality pushes websites, products and services into new realms.



Arising from social media, cinemagraphs quickly gained popularity – still images with minor elements moving in them. Simplicity done right, allows for photos to gain more realism for brands and captures and engages the consumer for longer.  A trend that’s at the beginning and competing with gifs, boomerangs and slow motion effects for marketplace share.

Why do we like this trend?

Cinemagraphs bring a new trend to social media and allows photo realism, the small moving elements can change and enhance a photos’ capability and achieve more success for brands.




Browsers and languages are becoming move advance, which is allowing for the animation trend to flourish. Animation allows brands to tell stories, brands are integrating animations into websites and devices to allow creative work to be more visually appealing. The animation will become popular on websites to enhance the user experience and engagement levels – expect to see animations embedding into full-screen animations or used for detail such as buttons and menus.

Why do we like this trend?

Users especially the millennial age crave ‘new things’ they want to be entertained but have a lower attention span, combining animations into products and services allows for the user to be entertained and gains more user time. We also like animation as it allows an idea to be showcased in a new form –allowing a new perspective to be gained by the viewer.


Bold Typography

As marketplace competition grows, finding unique ways to be creative whilst remaining true to the brand increases. It’s the year brands will need to be more creative with font size and layout to capture and make an impact on the consumer. Bold typography allows for key statements to be put across on websites, social and advertisements – this then increases the popular sans

Why do we like this trend?

This trend allows for more customisation on designs – brands have the advantage of knowing consumers will want big, bold trends. Mobile responsive designs mean fonts should be crisper and easy to read. A font is an important addition to designing a creative element and is becoming a core element alongside graphics.

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