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The Power of Brand Image


Brand image is all about how a brand connects with its customers through positive or negative impressions; the imprint a brand makes on it’s target customers. Engagement occurs at various levels; products, services, marketing, brand voice, social media etc. The impression left from whichever form of engagement will form a set of beliefs about a brand from a customer’s point of view; the brand image. The brand image occurs through experiences created by the brand and should align with the brand promise as this has a direct impact on a brands’ marketplace positioning. When this impact occurs, social activation happens and directly impacts upon sales and trends.

It can be daunting to figure out the correct way to connect with your audience and formulate your brand image, which is why you should ask yourself the following question:

How does a brand utilise their brand image to gain the correct market share?

There are multiple factors that play a part in carving market share, it can formed and shaped by a logo, colours, marketing message and tone & so all of these elements must be aligned with the brands’ mission and values to signify the correct perceptions in the customers’ mind,

It’s a core fundamental of a brand and when done correctly can improve loyalty, sales and growth. Below, we discuss the positives that brands can experience if the brand image is created correctly and is a true reflection of the brand and key considerations to be wary of when undertaking this process.


  • The perception of a brand is formed as a direct result of the brand image.
  • A strong brand image positively impacts the consumer buying behaviours and encourages loyalty thus encouraging higher basket revenue making the repeat purchasing process easier for the customer.
  • A consistent brand image conveys the success and strength of product and services and increases sales and revenues
  • A positive image gives confidence to the customers as they feel that the brand is sincere and clear in its vision to create the best.
  • A strong brand image allows for advertisements, communication across sales, social and further to be aligned with the brand image creating brand consistency,


  • If a brand image is not consistent and portrays mixed messages, a brand’s reputation will be tarnished, resulting in a loss of market-share.
  • It’s a core fundamental, which means that if it’s not correctly aligning with brand values, message and so on the brand won’t be resonating with the consumer.
  • If a brand’s image isn’t maintained or updated in line with marketplace, technological or social trends, a company image may appear dated & unfavourable to consumers.



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