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Quooker appoints Noir to support their latest tv advertising campaign


Noir has been appointed by leading boiling tap inventors Quooker to lead their paid media strategy. The appointment comes at an exciting and vital time for Quooker, coinciding with the launch of their incredible new product and TV ad campaign for ‘The Cube’.

Why was Noir needed to support TV advertising? Key audiences are getting harder to reach with TV alone with 3X more ad spots are required to reach 80% of audiences compared to 10 years ago[1]. According to an internal study done by Facebook[2], when analysing the premiere of a popular cable television show, 1M people who noted they were watching the show on the platform. They looked at how the users were consuming Facebook pre, during and post the show. See the peaks in activity? They coincide with the ad breaks. For those people as a whole, usage of Facebook went up at every commercial break.

Facebook & TV

Noir’s core objectives are to:

  1. Go Beyond TV
  2. Discover new audiences at scale
  3. Fill in campaign gaps
  4. Reduce purchase time-lag 
  5. Protect engaged audiences from competitors 

Using audiences segmentation, traffic source segmentation and machine learning, Noir will be creating tailored content and user journeys to nurture consumers who have watched the TV ad to hold their hand from first interaction to conversion. 

If you’re looking for more information on how we use Facebook Advertising visit our case studies.