Services - Noir Agency

We build and grow breakthrough brands; through clear strategy, beautiful design and dynamic digital experiences.

Research & Brand Strategy

The staple of any successful brand is research, understanding and the formulation of a robust brand strategy. We act as your strategic partner and our role is to truly understand the business, to capitalise on opportunities and to navigate around potential risks.

  • 01 Research, Insights and positioning
  • 02 Industry consumer research
  • 03 Trends & insights
  • 04 Brand experience
  • 05 Brand / marketing Strategy
  • 06 Planning Workshops

Brand Identity & Communications

A unified brand identity presents any company of any size with an instantly recognisable, distinctive, professional image that will position it for success. We create the entire support system of the brand’s logo, colour palette, imagery, typography as well as laser focussed brand messages to ensure that the entire system is cohesive and unique.

  • 01 Naming & visual Identity
  • 02 Rebranding
  • 03 Tone of voice & messaging
  • 04 Standards and guidelines
  • 05 Marketing Communications

Website Design & Development

Websites, a necessity for many brands, offer a wide range of benefits and serve a wide range of objectives, our role is to understand the desired outcome and to design and develop each bespoke website with these objectives in mind.

  • 01 Digital strategy
  • 02 Creative direction
  • 03 UI/UX design
  • 04 Interactive prototyping
  • 05 Front-end development
  • 06 E-commerce website development
  • 07 Website hosting & management
  • 08 SEO / PPC

Social Media & Content Creation

To perform in the digital world, brands must produce strong content. We work as strategic partners to outline clear objectives, develop communication strategies and to create content that truly engages audiences.

  • 01 Content strategy & production
  • 02 Copywriting and message development
  • 03 Art direction
  • 04 Photography
  • 05 Video Production
  • 06 Management & amplification