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Website Design & Development

Bespoke Wordpress and Shopify Websites designed to beautifully meet your business objectives.

What We Do

We create beautiful, high converting, user-friendly websites that are 100% bespoke to meet your business objectives.

Our process has been created to design and develop websites quickly and efficiently across multiple sectors, and we work with everyone from an independent business, funded startups and PLCs.

We guarantee our website are designed bespoke to you, and your users, immersive design and effect, custom development, mobile optimised, SEO optimised with an easy to use CMS for you and your team.


WordPress is one of the most popular web platforms in the world due to its flexibility in creating experiences bespoke to your brand and users. No licences fees, no vendor lock and you own all your data.

The WordPress platform is perfect if you are selling services, business portfolios, lead generation fuels your business.


Shopify is a scalable, secure ecommerce platform that allows you to sell anywhere across the web. The platform has been built from the ground up not just to look beautiful, work seamlessly but to provide vendors a robust back end to manage orders, shipping and payments from anywhere.

Website Competitor Analysis

This is a dynamic, data-gathering process to examine the competition’s website, in regards to the messaging, tone of voice and call to action placements. It is essential to understand how competitors are making an impact here; how they communicate their stories, how they formulate compelling sales messages, and how they guide users through their website. This information is combined with the overall website / branding and design trends to formulate the initial website designs.

Website Planning

We will create and confirm a site-map accompanied by website wireframes, to enable us to consider a variety of layouts. This will ensure the best results from a UX perspective. These wireframes will be coupled with website mood boards, to begin to understand which layouts, functions and images that should be used across the website. We will create personas for different user types visiting the site and we can begin to understand their motivations, their expectations and how we can best cater to their needs.

We will then progress to high fidelity designs, where our developers work in tandem with our designers, strategists and the client to ensure the brand guidelines, key messages and photography are applied in accordance with the brand guidelines.


During the UX and design phases, wireframes & clickable prototypes are created for your feedback and user testing.

Content & Copywriting

We will apply our learnings from the planning and scoping phase and earlier brand research to produce a website messaging guide. This will highlight the key benefits for the consumer when associating with the brand. This guide will be used to prepare the copy for each page throughout the website, incorporating key brand messages and call to actions – all with the end-user in mind.

Frontend Development

The frontend of the website will be built using HTML 5, JQuery / JavaScript, CSS 3, also validated and compliant with W3 regulations. The developed frontend will communicate with the chosen CMS to create a smooth user experience across both parts of the web platform and will be deployed on a range of web servers. General layout and the organisation of projects will be considered as well as the addition of sections across the site.

Multi User Capability

Your CMS allows us to create a variety of custom users roles, with different levels of access and capabilities. We will ensure the website can be updated from the back-end with ease, across the core pages, projects, blogs, news articles and other content as the website grows and evolves over time.


We approach website testing from multiple angles, covering usability, functionality, performance, compatibility, database and security testing.

Our rigorous testing process ensures user-friendliness, that features and the operational behaviour of the website correspond to its specifications, that the software used is compatible with various browsers and content is suitably compressed, optimising the website speed and overall performance.

Ongoing support

Every website should be adaptive and evolve as time goes on. Not only should content be refreshed, but the performance of the website should also be monitored continuously.

We provide ongoing support by running health and performance checks, monitoring and optimising website speed, updates to plugins and API’s, updating core software and browser operating systems as well as ongoing bug fixes and health checks.