Dreamr | Case Study - Noir Agency

A rebrand to live up to the reputation of an award-winning app development company.

The Brief

Dreamr’s position within their field has progressed substantially since they were founded three years prior, they have established themselves as a company at the forefront of technology, and with this position shift came a need to change the way Dreamr communicate to prospective clients.

Dreamr approached Noir, as they felt as though their current brand was no longer reflective of their culture and values and they needed to refresh their visual identity to better represent these along with updating their tone of voice, value proposition and brand messaging.

The Process

Becoming part of the team

Key to the success of the rebrand was for us to become an extension of the team. Dreamr is built on its people and its strength is the team, so we held extensive creative sessions with the major stakeholders within the business to uncover insights, challenge preconceptions and present ideas. It soon became clear that they had a common goal to not only inspire and embrace change - but to pioneer it. We needed to create a brand that would push boundaries, ignite ideas and live up to the ‘out of this world’ products created and the Dreamr experience.

As the main sales tool, we carefully considered each element of the site from thought out calls to action, specially curated copy and informed use of colour in the right places. In order to build more consumer trust and to validate the business under its rebrand, we added a blog section and testimonial page with the ability to display both written and video testimonials.

"Working with Noir felt like we had our in-house branding agency. They understood the brief, easily worked with multiple stakeholders within Dreamr and delivered an incredible brand that we now use with pride. Our old branding was dated and unexciting, they have taken us to the next level, and myself, the team and our customers love the new visuals"

Mylo Kaye - CEO, Dreamr

The Outcome

Turning a dream into reality

The updated brand is vibrant and dynamic, mirroring the passionate culture and the team’s dedication to solving complex problems through the application of emerging technology. We worked with Dreamr to establish their brand voice, incorporated this into a messaging guide, and refined a refreshed value proposition.

As well as being pioneering, we defined their core values as; Knowledgeable, committed and genuine, which comes through in all future messaging. Although their products are out of this world, they as a company and team should never feel out of reach - their communications are warm and approachable, as well as assured.

To create the visual brand identity, we upgraded the primary Dreamr colour to a more sophisticated deep blue, a colour that conveys reliability and strength, and accompanied this with an electric shade of pink, to represent the brand’s vibrancy and energy.

Whilst the ‘D’ logo clearly represents the Dreamr team, the missing piece represents the client’, the ‘problem to be solved’, their vision - without which Dreamr are incomplete.

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