Forge Poise | Case Study - Noir Agency

Connecting cultures to inspire footwear for the modern male.

The Brief

Founded in 2016, after design-duo (and brothers) Ryan and Ross identified a shift in the market, for consumers looking for higher quality, exclusive designs but at an attainable price. Crafted from the finest materials but with a strong focus on contemporary style - creating stylish footwear that looks as good paired with a suit as it does dressed down. Forge Poise approached us with a need to establish their target demographic, providing full in-depth customer profiles, unique and effective brand messaging.

Alongside the comprehensive communications document, Forge Poise required a complete brand identity, including a bespoke, illustrated logo, right through to the artistic direction and photography.

The Process

Expressing a style and a feeling

With Wall Street at one end, and Harlem the other, Manhattan Island is home to one of the wildest mixes of culture in the world - this was the inspirational starting point for the brand. Through the brand and the designs themselves, Forge are positioned as aspirational but accessible. The brand and range blur the lines of class and culture, appealing to a mindset rather than a demographic. We created a brand with a clearly defined value proposition, highlighting the physical & emotional attributes of the brand.

Identifying clear customer profiles was crucial to inform messaging and imagery and through our research we identified some objections from their target audiences around the fact that Forge Poise were not only an unknown brand, but they were also breaking into unchartered territory. The brand needed to convey the quality that lived up to the price point as well as open the audience’s minds to a new blend of purpose - the elegant and the casual.

"Noir were able to take our story and vision and work with us to create more than just a logo, but a brand structure and guidelines that will resonate with our target audience. We’re very much looking forward to our continued collaboration."

Ross Buckley - Founder, Forge Poise

The Outcome

Re-writing the rule book

The logo was also really important element for this project, as a fashion brand it would take pride of place on products. The concept of new beginnings and carving a new path was integral, as well as representing the two brothers in equal balance. The sword emblem not only lived up to this with it’s symmetry and historical significance, but was used as a symbol of mixing the two cultures - with the two sides of the sword.

We created a brand bible for Forge Poise, outlining a clearly defined value proposition, brand voice, values and visual identity as a guidelines for all brand communications and activities. By adhering to this Forge Poise are able to remain on brand and as such raise their profile and customer base through expressive, bold, urban yet elegant visual communications.

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