Matrix Physiotherapy | Case Study - Noir Agency

Starting a movement

The Brief

Matrix make up a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals across physiotherapy, nutrition, training and mental health. The team come together to combine years of experience in elite sports science with an extensive medical knowledge and pioneering cutting edge treatments. Matrix take a more holistic approach to improving and enhancing patient health than many traditional physio clinics. It is this rounded yet scientific mindset, underpinned by extensive experience, that we needed to bring out in the visual identity and website.

The Process

A hands on approach

Matrix’s ambition was to create something that is new and offer an alternative to the current physiotherapy offering which ranges from low-cost conveyor belt to out of reach elite services. Matrix exist to help its patients be healthier and happier - be that by restoring mobility, improving performance or protecting from injury. We needed to build out a visual identity that would appeal to elite athletes as much as it would appeal to someone who had never been to a physio before. It needed to be accessible and friendly whilst being cutting edge and modern, and all the time with a scientific flair.

The Matrix team’s passion and involvement from start to finish helped us to understand the often complex services they were offering, as well as understand their distinctive personality. We coupled these insights with our market research and competitor analysis to come up with a visual identity that would truly set Matrix apart in its field. Presenting the team first with an overarching brand strategy to ensure it resonated, we then moved to the creative stage. We formulated a number of visual routes based on the agreed brand concept before agreeing the final chosen route and building out the brand system, colour palette, typography, imagery guide, typography and tone of voice. From this the website grew organically and seamlessly from the brand we had created.

""From start to finish I knew the Noir team had my back, and were aware of the vision of my business. Late night phone calls and whatsapp to early-bird emails meant that deadlines were met. Seeing my website and brand come to life from colour boards was an experience in itself, and the follow up after the project was finished to help tweek any teething issues was nothing other than superb. For such a young team, these guys really delivered above and beyond.""

Riz Buk - Principle Physio and Founder, Matrix Physiotherapy

The Outcome

Peak Performance

We designed an identity system that purposely went against the grain of competitors, avoiding cliched graphics and the usual NHS blue tint. Using bold, vivid yet mature colours coupled with high impact black and white photography creates a strong and lively brand signifying strength and energy. The bespoke illustrated icons were created in such a style that it would be a irreverent nod to symbols of alchemy but reimagined for a modern audience.

When it came to designing and building the website, the visual brand principles of high impact and dynamism were key priorities. Through the use of parallax scroll and cinemagraphs keep the site moving without overpowering the user. The vibrant brand colours pop against the black and white drawing the user in. We used oversized letters to once again create impact through the confidence and strength of the brand.

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