Nanopsis | Case Study - Noir Agency

Creating a brand identity & dynamic website to showcase the world’s most powerful optical microscope.

The Brief

LIG Technology have created the world’s most powerful optical lens, truly ground-breaking technology with the field of nanophysics. The challenge from a branding perspective that LIG-Nanowise were facing, stemmed from a lack of distinction between the group & its subsidiaries. We were called upon to develop the Nanopsis product into a stand-alone optics brand and design a website that would tell its story.

Being able to offer the same level of standard, but at a fraction of the usual market price point is a huge selling point for Nanopsis - so accessibility is a key feature and one which dictated the brand positioning and consequently the way it was expressed visually; the brand colours, the typography and the online experience.

The Process

Speaking to target audiences

The brand needed to resonate with corporate organizations, education institutions and consumers directly in equal measure, so we created an identity which feels reliable and trustworthy whilst being eye-catching and heralding their arrival on the scene. The company is young and exuberant and it was important that this shone through in the brand - therefore the colour palette is fresh, representing strength and growth with a strong dominant typeface and bespoke icon.

Democratising an out-of-reach technical product

In order to create this standout and cut-through the marketplace we approached the brand from a much more commercial perspective, aligning the brand with high-street names such as Apple and Nikon rather than the more traditional microscope brands currently on offer.

"Working with Noir was a pleasure, the process felt easy. Each design or development decision was communicated along the way and they responded quickly to us, at all times listening and advising. They quickly identified our needs and understood our target market. They took our vision and helped us build the Nanopsis brand from scratch - incorporating our ideas, whilst adding their own slick designs at each step of the way resulting in a bespoke brand and website that we love!"

Alex Sheppard - Commerical Director, Nanopsis

The Outcome

Amplyifying the message

When it came translating this pioneering technology and newly created brand online, the LIG-Nanowise team desired a website that would be a distinct from others in the industry. They wanted it to feel playful and be creative, rather than feel technical or solely functional.

We designed and built a bespoke website featuring an interactive animated ‘hero’ video and product page and incorporated large high quality parallax images throughout. By using rich content and animations we were able to create a playful feel whilst still creating a smooth and intuitive user experience. The site was designed mobile-first, and is truly responsive across devices. Working with the LIG-Nanowise team we also crafted the web-copy, optimising for SEO and in line with the tone of voice that was crafted as part of the branding process.

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